Digital printing

The best option for short runs

Digital printing is a very good option for short runs and easy formats. Since the fixed base cost is nearly zero, the price will not suffer when printing just few units.

It offers excellent print quality and a wide selection of materials and papers, although fidelity in the reproduction of Pantone colours will be affected.

By contrast, this system offers exclusive benefits such as one-to-one, which allows you to customize automatically each document of a same run.

What are the top 5 advantages of digital printing?

Fast turnaround

Due to the fact that digital printing does not require any pre-press procedures or plates, the initial set up time greatly reduced. This means that the printing process can begin at the time of order – great for when you need your digital print in a hurry!


Digital printing does not incur any of the additional costs required to create specific printing plates. This means that digital printing offers the more cost effective printing solution, especially for shorter print runs.


Thanks to Variable Data Printing (VDP), individual graphic and text can be customised on a print-by-print basis. This is particularly of use for business owners who may want to tailor and personalise their direct mail campaigns based on their target audience.

High quality

The Liquid Electroink Process (LEP) capability held by our HP Indigo Digital Presses is enough to produce results that surpass the quality offered by traditional print methods. What’s more, digital printing enables easy sampling of colour accuracy and the like, which can be subsequently tweaked with much greater ease than with traditional offset printing.


HP Indigo printers have an extensive media range, enabling printing on over 3,000 certified substrates, including synthetics, darks and metallics. This means that no matter your requirements, be they simple or complex, HP Indigo Digital Printing is the perfect solution for you.

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