"One to One" customization

One-to-one technology allows you to customize automatically each document of a run with multiple options to suit your recipient needs. It is especially useful in communication campaigns where mass mailing is made, because it saves time and resources while increasing significantly the impact of the message by making it closer to target audience.

Based on a basic design or template, you can change different elements. The most common examples are those letters and writings in which you address each customer by his or her name, but the chances of this system go beyond.

We work directly with a database, so it can be programmed to vary the image, colour and font according to parameters such as age, sex, geographical location, social stratum or marital status of each recipient.

If used with a careful strategy, the one-to-one will exponentially enhance any marketing, communication or advertising campaign you carry out. Its effectiveness only depends on your imagination and creativity when giving a use to it.


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