Nowadays, flyer printing is a tool that is used in the graphic arts sector and in the advertising world, since it allows you to add more information to a brochure divided into three parts by means of a small sheet. Its main function into disseminate information, but in addition to that, it is intended to simplify, so that whoever reads it can reads it can read it without any problem and without the need for someone to explain it to them. 

There are different types of flyers such as advertising, informative, artistic and propagandistic. The most common in the business world are advertising and information leaflets.

A flyer is made up of: 

-A cover: it is important to be creative, using an attractive style and it is advisable to use bright colours, but this should not always be the case. On the cover we should put a title, a subtitle, the logo and the slogan of the company.

-The content: the description of the product or of what we want to inform about, is divided into three parts. The first part is where an introduction of what will be explained in more detail will be made. Then we will find the other two parts, which is where the main topic will be developed. And finally, there is a part where we find the conclusion, which is where we have to reaffirm everything we have said before.

-The contact: and this would be the last side of a triptych, where the contact details are attached, where we are located, we will include the telephone number, address, website, email and social networks.

Having said that, when you consider printing a flyer for your business, you must first consider what you want to achieve and the objective you have in mind by printing these flyers. Once this is clear, we must move on to the next step, that of printing the leaflets. To do this, we must follow a series of steps an advice:

-First of all, we must be clear about the message we want to transmit to the public we are addressing. We must be clear about the main idea of the leaflet, whether it is to inform or to sell, for example.

-Then, we must be clear about our target audience. We must know the buying process, so it will be easier for us to attract attention and we will save time and money.

-Once we are clear about this, we must choose the style, the format of the leaflet and the content itself. We must be original and creative in order to catch the public's attention. We must choose well the words we will use in the leaflet. The key factor is, if we are selling a product, to know how to describe it in a few words and relate it to the quality offered by the product with the name of the brand.

-We must also choose the typeface and the images to be used. The most logical thing to do is to use a classic and simple font style, but depending on what is being told, this may vary. The key is that the text can be read without difficulty.

Regarding images, we must bear in mind that they must be linked to what is said in the text and we should not put too many, otherwise we will lose space to insert text.

-And finally, we must choose the type of paper to use, which in this case, is paper ranging from 100 grams to 150 grams. Depending on the intended use, we will use one or the other.  

For example, if we want to print flyers to send them through a letterbox, the paper should be 100 grams, as it is sufficient for the intended use and it is also the most economical. On the other hand, we find the flyers destined to be exhibited in an exhibition fair. In this case, the paper should be of a higher quality, 150 grams.

In short, the printing of advertising flyers is useful to inform the public about your business. By means of a small sheet, we can include the necessary information so that the public can find out about a product or service. They are a tool that is increasingly used in advertising, as you will be able to attract a public that had not previously noticed your business.

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