Nowadays it is very likely that a flyer will end up in the trash before being read. But to promote an event, brand or service it is still one of the most effective methods of advertising. So how do you capture the attention of an audience with a probable lack of attention? These are the five elements of the Flyer design to consider.

Unique and exclusive design

To prevent the Flyer from being folded and forgotten, risky design decisions must be made. From the language used to the use of discounts and promotions, everything has to be done in order for the brochures to say Choose me! Offer the reader a reason to be interested in the content that flyers have. Discover our flyer printing service in Barcelona on our SprintCopy website Barcelona printing.

Eye-catching images

We have become accustomed to small, low-quality photographs and graphics on the flyers that circulate today. It can be very interesting to hire a professional to take high-quality photos of the products, an experienced professional to help explain and illustrate what the service or products are that will be printed digitally or offset in the brochures.

Incorporates QR codes

Currently more and more couples are choosing something a little different. They may want to add more colors, include motifs, new designs, or images.

They may require a monogram or logo that will surely be repeated in other formats during the ceremony. QR codes allow customers to interact with the information in their brochures, so that they capture their attention. With the problem of limited brochure space, QR codes are a great way to offer much more information than a regular flyer would get. And let's not forget the comfort that a QR code offers, the time spent reading a brochure is very limited and any help can be vital.

Social networks

Customers are changing the way they know and maintain their relationship with brands. A young audience is certainly more likely to search for a business on social media and engage directly on platforms like Twitter and Facebook, more than they would by email or phone. In short, it is important to show the audience that it is a social brand and that it has a presence on social networks.

Call to action

Finally, there is nothing more important than showing the audience what to do, where to go or who to contact if they are interested. Offer contact details in a way that is easy for customers to expand information and learn more about the company.

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